Just a quick post today wishing everyone a Happy New Year.

It wasn’t a very exciting New Years for me having to work well into the early hours of the morning, however it gave me time to reflect and focus on what my goals are for 2009.

So this evening in order to keep these goals on track I’ll be posting my 2009 New Years Resolutions on this site.

Update:  So my New Years Resolution for this year is 3 part.

First is that I have always wanted to give weight training a decent go, so I have purchased a home gym set up.  I suppose my goal here is not to look like the fool of a guy who has purchased gym equipment but never uses it.

Second is that I want to move house in the next 6 months and so want to complete the majority of my ‘100 Books…‘ list and really cull down some more of my physical possessions.

Finally, I would like a Pug.  I already keep, raise, show Cavies (Guinea Pigs), but I feel something is missing in my life and I think that a small dog such as a Pug can help fill that void.


Well it’s time for me to sign off for the Christmas break. I’ll be back again on Boxing Day, so that’s not too long a wait for my next posting.

In the mean time, why not take the opportunity to catch up on some of my older posts and the progress I’ve been making on my 100 Books…, 50 Non-Fiction or Portable Gaming… pages.

All my best wishes for the the holiday…

Merry Christmas

Not a stranger to the reasons people register Domain Names, having registered a fair few myself since the mid 90’s, I really shouldn’t have been surprised that cultnation.com had been registered only days after this blog went live. I’m assuming by one of the visitors to my site back on the 9th December.

I can’t blame the individual as it’s something I should have done a few years ago when I came up with the name and a few ideas to go along with it. Not much I can do now but say it’s a lesson to all to protect your blog name early by grabbing it’s Domain Name while you can.

Not all is lost however, as I registered cultnation.net and cultnations.com (for another idea I have) today. I’m going to have cultnation.net mapped to the blog this week, so at least I’m staking a claim to the name in some form…

The more I think about it, I’m feeling that the .net is more appropriate for my blog anyway.


While out doing some Xmas shopping today I picked up a copy of Kingdom Hearts II – I’m not sure why it has taken me so long to grab a copy of this game. It’s been sitting on my must buy list for some time.

Some more RPG goodness to while away the hot summer weekend, which looks like it will be a scorcher.

Over the last few years for one reason or another I’ve managed to simplify my life a great deal.  For the most part this has been due to me having to move house several times and  asking myself the same question each time…Why do I need all this stuff!? It was obvious too me that more and more of the stuff I hung on to and was packing and upacking each time I moved, ultimately had little value in my life.  So I made a decision.  It was time for a clear out and a new outlook on life.

From a fully furnished 3 bedroom house, my goal is to now to be able to pack up all my belongings and have them comfortably fit inside the average family car.

As I have what I can only describe as an addiction to media in it’s many forms, you will soon realize after reading just a small sample of this blog, that this is likely to be a lengthy challenge for me, with undoubtedly many tough decisions to be made along the way.