Well another Xmas has come and gone and I’ve spent the afternoon recovering from an overdose of Turkey, Chocolate and the hyperactive activities of sugar influenced children.

While I’ve been lounging around I’ve taken the time to pick up a few new purchases from emusic and itunes.  I’ll be adding these to the blog this evening.

At the moment I think its time for a little more rest.

*** I can’t believe its been so long since I’ve made a post.  Time to get back into the swing of things I feel.


Well they are certainly keeping my iPod happy over at Apple.

Hot on the heals of their Sonic and Peggle releases on Tuesday, they have now just released a version of the classic Bomberman for the iPod (5th Generation, Classic and 3rd Generation Nano only) through iTunes.

Bomberman on iTunes

Now it remains to be seen just what Apple have in store for the iPod touch come January. I know a few owners who are waiting patiently for a few game releases, myself included.

Apple quietly released 2 more games for the iPod (5th Generation, Classic and 3rd Generation Nano only) through iTunes today.

Sonic and Peggle

What I find interesting is that the Sonic game is based on the original Sega ‘Genesis / MegaDrive’ version and that the control scheme on the iPod seems to replicate that of the original console version despite the fact that you are using a click wheel.

Peggle, like most PopCap games is highly addictive so unless you want to take a massive productivity hit…stay away from that one. 🙂

It’s the holidays after all, so I say go for it!