What a bloody hot week it has been down here in Western Victoria.  Looks like we will be nudging the 40 degree mark today, so after checking on the pets and watering the garden I’ve decided to spend the rest of the afternoon inside listening to some new tunes.

Paradolia – Alex Smoke

Paradolia - Alex Smoke

Trilogie De La Mort – Eliane Radigue

Trilogie De La Mort - Elaine Radigue

Caesura – Helios

Caesure - Helios

Plume – Loscil

Plume - Loscil

An Announcment to Answer – Quantic

An Announcement to Answer - Quantic

Saturday Morning Empires – Various Artists

Saturday Morning Empires - Vairous Artists


Continuing on from earlier today here are the second half of my recent purchases from emusic.

This part is a little longer than the first and I’ve endeavored to provide relevant links with each title.

God is an Astronaut – God is an Astronaut

God is an Austronaut - God is an Astronaut

Ill Gates – Autopirate

Ill Gates - Autopirate

Kode 9 – Bad / 2 Bad

Kode 9 - Bad / 2 Bad

  • Current rating at is 4/5
  • Official Website
  • MySpace

Ladyhawke – Ladyhawke

Ladyhawke - Ladyhawke

Ladyhawke -Paris is Burning EP

Ladyhawke - Paris is Burning EP

  • Current rating at emusic is 4/5

Ladytron – Ghosts (Blestenation Mix)

London Elektricity – Syncopated City

Luomo – Convivial

Mark Farina – Best of Mushroom Jazz, Vol 1-5

Mark Farina – Mushroom Jazz 6

Quarta 330 – Homeless (by Sabacco) Quarta 330 rmx

Shawn Lee & Clutchy Hopkins – Clutch of the Tiger

Starkey – Ephemeral Exhibits

Taylor Dupree – Landing

Tim Hecker – Radio Amor

Various Artists – Big Freeze Volume 3

Zomby – Where Were in ’92

Instead of my normal monthly up date for emusic purchases in December I’ve decided to list both this months and Novembers in a two-part posting.

I had a lot of fun yesterday burning up my credits (thankyou Xmas people and your presents) so this list is considerably longer than average even with the addition of my November buys.

Again, its a fairly eclectic mix of styles…all with an electronic feel.

Update:  The second part of this list has now been posted and can be found here.

A Setting Sun – Empty Sound

A Setting Sun - Empty Sound

Alex Metric – Deadly on a Mission EP

Alex Metric - Deadly on a Mission EP

Beats on Canvas – Beats on Canvas

Beats on Canvas - Beats on Canvas

Belleruche – The Express

Belleruche - The Express

Deadbeat – Roots and Wire

Deadbeat - Roots and Wire

Distance – Repercussions

Distance - Repercussions

Dorian Concept – A Trebleo Beat Tape

Dorian Concept - A Trebleop Beat Tape

Dorian Concept – Maximized Minimalization

Dorian Concept - Maximized Minimilization

Evil Nine – They Live!

Evil Nine - They Live!

Evil Nine – You Can Be Special Too

Evil Nine - You Can Be Special Too

Fennesz – Black Sea

Fennesz - Black Sea

Girl Talk – Feed the Animals

Girl Talk - Feed the Animals

Girl Talk – Night Ripper

Girl Talk - Night Ripper

Well another Xmas has come and gone and I’ve spent the afternoon recovering from an overdose of Turkey, Chocolate and the hyperactive activities of sugar influenced children.

While I’ve been lounging around I’ve taken the time to pick up a few new purchases from emusic and itunes.  I’ll be adding these to the blog this evening.

At the moment I think its time for a little more rest.

*** I can’t believe its been so long since I’ve made a post.  Time to get back into the swing of things I feel.

Well this post took a lot longer than expected.  For some reason I have had log in problems and have been unable to update the blog.  All appears fine now…so lets get on with it.

Here are my latest music purchases through emusic.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, it’s an eclectic mix this month.

Yeasayer – All Hour Cymbals

Yeasayer - All Hour Cymbals

China Dub Soundsystem – Made in China

China Dub Soundsystem - Made in China

Kode 9 – Memories of the Future

Kode 9 - Memories of the Future

Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings – Naturally

Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings - Naturally

Pinch – Underwater Dancehall

Pinch - Underwater Dancehall

Studio – West Coast

Studio - West Coast

I’ll be adding notes progressively for each of the titles as I listen to them more in depth over the coming week.

With the close of 2007 marking the end of the first full month of the ‘cultnation’,  I thought it would be a good exercise to review the 5 most viewed entries during the period.

#1  100 Books…

While a page more than a blog entry, the ‘100 Books…‘ list drew by far the largest number of page views during the month.  I have big plans for this entry (and it’s associated project) so I’m glad fellow bloggers and general surfers have found it interesting to date.

#2  New Music, 12th December 2007

Maybe I didn’t realise just how popular searching for ‘new music’ was on the net, as this entry also drew a large number of page views.  It was pointed out to me by one of my readers that a little more information regarding each of the releases (and maybe the album covers) would be a good inclusion…I’ve taken note and my next entry which I should be posting this evening will be a little more detailed.

#3  The ‘Baroque Cycle’, Neal Stephenson (100 Books…)

Of all the title specific entries made in December regarding books, it was Neal Stephenson’s epic ‘Baroque Cycle that proved the most popular.  Hopefully, I interested a few readers enough that they will pick up this series.

#4  New Album…Burial – Untrue

A brief entry, but a popular one.  In short, if you like electronic music I don’t think you can go wrong with either of Burial’s albums.

#5  cultnation’s – Top 5 Portable Games for 2007

I couldn’t resist this one.  Every gaming site in the world releases at least one (usually more) top games lists each year, so I thought why not me on my little blog.  By getting in early – releasing the list mid-december (just on my b’day) – I was thinking I might get a little more interest from fellow bloggers.  What do you know, it worked!!!

I hope you enjoyed my first month.

What a bloody hot day. From what sources I can gather it hit 38 degrees today.

I spent most of the day trying my best to keep my pets cool, by moving them around the backyard, keeping them in the shade and running a continuous supply of frozen water bottles up to them. The poor things, I don’t know how they’re going to cope tomorrow when it’s forcast to at least hit 40 degrees. I might have to bring them inside for some relief in front of the aircon…though I don’t know how I will manage that with 15 cavies.

Trying my best to stay out of the heat today I decided to do a little music shopping online using emusic. I think I’ve mentioned before that it’s now my favourite online music retailer and I’ve had some fun this month picking out an eclectic mix of albums to add to my collection. I’ll let you know how I went tomorrow as I’m still downloading the last album.

Did I mention it is hot down here today. Still around 30 degrees and it’s 2340hrs / nearly midnight!!!

Good, the download has finished. Time to crash with some new tunes as I fall asleep playing Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings.

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