A few days ago I noted that my blog name had been registered by someone else only days after going live.  In itself this wasn’t so much of an issue for me as I registered cultnation.net as my blogs domain, but what it did get me thinking about was the issue of protecting ones identity online…be this one of your online persona or your offline self.

As a result I quickly purchased my own name thinking that would be a good a place as any to start, even if the only result is that I have a controlled presence online that puts out there only what I want people to see…and links to material that only I want to be associated with my actual name.

I’m wondering what readers thoughts are regarding this whole idea?

Personally, I have no problem with my real name and details being in the wider domain – anyone with a bit of knowhow can track down these details about anyone quite easily and legally anyway – but my concern lies with how much control I really have over my  identity in the online word and what I can do to protect it, if indeed I really need to be worried about it at all…

Feel free to tell me how you feel.