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I took the plunge today and purchased a few titles from eReader.com to test out my iPod touch as an ebook reader.  I’m hoping that in a small way the touch might help me out in reducing the number of physical books I own.

As a sample I purchased the January and February issues of Asimov’s Science Fiction as well as the January – Febrauary 2009 edition of Analog Science Fiction and Fact.  It’s been a while since I’ve picked up either of these titles at my local newsagent so I thought they would be good titles to test out the device.

Asimov's Science Fiction January 2009 Asimov's Science Fiction February 2009 Analog Science Fiction and Fact, January / February 2009

Also, in keeping with my 100 Books… project, I purchased a copy of the first book in the Christian Jacq ‘Ramses’ series, The Son of the Light.

Son of the Light

If your already an iPhone or iPod touch owner you may have noticed a plethora of ebook applications (including those only including stand alone titles) in the App Store.  Over the coming weeks I’ll be testing a few of these out.

In order to read these titles on the iPhone you need to download a copy of the free eReader application.  Once downloaded they can only be viewed with this reader – either on the iPhone itself or on your computer of choice.

Downloading the titles to your iPhone can be done directly through the application…or you can purchase titles while browsing on your computer and download them directly from your iPhone at a later time.


If you’ve read through some of my posts recently you will have noticed that I collect old Pulp Magazines, specifically those containing stories that belong in the Science Fiction genre.

Well recently I was able to find the following books on the subject, edited by Michael Ashley, which have helped me a lot in understanding the breadth and scope of these magazines. Not only do the books delve into the history of these magazines but they also contain a number of examples of ‘the best stories’ from each period under discussion.

A quick search on the net has led me to discover that there is a fourth title in this series which I’ll have to pick up. For those interested you can still pick up copies of these titles on amazon.com.

Here are the covers for Volume 1 through 3.

The History of the Science Fiction Magazine Vol. 1, 1926-1935

Click to enlarge the following.

The History of the Science Fiction Magazine Vol. 2, 1936-1945

The History of the Science Fiction Magazine Vol. 3, 1946-1955

Yesterday I briefly mentioned that I had received a new shipment of Sci-Fi Pulps from an auction I had won on ebay. As promised I’ve scanned a few of the fantastic covers which are part of the reason I collect these old titles.

Scanning is not one of my technical skills, so you’ll have to forgive the quality in some of the following examples.

Other Worlds Science Stories, May 1951

Other Worlds Science Stories May 1951

lol…yes, that cover is as strikingly pink in real life as it appears on your screen.

The remainder of the scans I’ve included as thumbnails to speed the page up a little, so by all means click on any to view the full size image if you want to see more.

Other Worlds Science Stories, May 1950

Other Worlds Science Fiction May 1950

Other Worlds Science Stories, October 1950


Other Worlds Science Stories, January 1951


Other Worlds Science Stories, March 1952


Other Worlds Science Stories, April 1952


I hope you enjoyed the step back in time looking into the future…hehe. I might make this a regular feature of the blog as I add more old pulps to my collection.

Happy B’day to me!  Yep, thats right…it’s my birthday today.  Not much of a celebration going on but thats very much how I like it.

To celebrate in my own little way, I picked up DVDs 2 & 3 of the anime Bleach.

Bleach is one of my favourite shows and despite the fact that I watch every episode pretty much straight after it’s release in Japan I still find that I have to grab a real copy on it’s official release down here in Oz.  I still don’t understand why the Americans have to give the Anime characters American voices and change the script along the way.  It’s a Japanese television show for f sake, if you have to give them english voices at least use voice actors with Japanese accents and don’t change the script.

Also today, and still unpacked sitting on my bed taunting me…I received a package from an ebay auction I won a week ago containing 40 odd Sci-Fi Pulps from the 50s and 60s.  Over the last month I’ve picked up around 70 of these on ebay, so I’m going to do my best to keep them in good nic and not let them interfere too much with my downsizing project.  lol, yeah right.  Some of the covers on them are amazing and I’ll be sure to post a few over the coming days.