As I’ve been having problems with my log in for the last few days (still unresolved?!), I’ve taken the time to reacquaint myself with 2 of my favorite Browser Based Games and thought I’d share them with you.

Each of these games is free to play, and do not require any downloads to you computer. All you need is you internet connection and a browser.

The first up is one of the many football (soccer) management games available online. screenshot

While I have signed up with a number of these football management games I’ve found xperteleven to be the only one I would recommend mainly due to it’s simple text based interface, low system requirements and non-obtrusive advertising.

While there is a paid option for this service, it really only provides extra stats and for most users the free service provides plenty of information to help your team/s on the road to success.

If you have never played a football management game before I think this is one would be a good place to start. You could jump right in and add your name to one of the public competitions available to all members (with over 1,000 clubs per league) or start you own, inviting a few friends to join in the fun

The second of the games is ogame.

ogame is another text based game and it is best described as an empire building simulation, set in a massive galactic setting where you are competing against 1000’s of other players. screenshot

The beauty of this game for me is that you are actually competing with other players (I’ve been attacked / raided several times) and that the interface is very easy to understand – which leaves you free to plan your next move. Be it building more ships for your next raid, strengthening your planetary defenses or bulking up your mine production.

Like xperteleven, ogame does have a paid service option…however, until such time as you are truly competitive in your galaxy (which could take a many months of work) it’s probably not something you need to consider for some time.