It’s a good thing I let my family know what I wanted for Christmas this year as I was fortunate to pick up a few new games…and titles I probably would not have purchased myself until they were on sale some time in the future.

The Complete Saga

The first of these games was ‘Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga.

When the first Lego Star Wars game on the DS was released I held off purchasing the title due the massive number of bad reviews the game had received. Instead opting to pick the title up on the cheap as a Playstation 2 game when it hit Platinum status.

With the release of the ‘The Complete Saga’ involving a major overhaul of the original game and receiving far better reviews, I added this game to my list as a must buy. However, with the number of decent titles released on the DS of late it was probably going to be some time before I ever picked up a copy on my own.

Way to go my strategically distributed Christmas wish list!