The ‘Ramses’ series by Christian Jacq holds a special place in my collection, as much for the memories I have of hunting down each release, as it is the fact that I found each of the volumes such an enjoyable read.

At the time this series was released I was living in a rural city in South Australia and had to place special orders for anything I wanted that wasn’t considered mainstream stock for a bookstore / newsagency in such an area – think of a city full of heavy industry and mining and you’ll understand. The ‘Ramses’ series fell into that category. I still remember going from bookshop to bookshop on my infrequent visits to Adelaide to see if they had the next volume in stock.

I will admit that I was fussy about it all, as I would only buy the trade paperback edition of each title…I had to keep the series a matching set after all.

The Son of Light The Temple of a Million Years The Battle of Kadesh The Lady of Abu Simbel Under the Western Acacia

Over 5 volumes Christian Jacq tells the story of the life of Ramses II, starting from the age of 14 in the first novel and moving onwards into and through his 60 year reign as Pharaoh of Egypt in the following releases.

For me, knowing that Christian Jacq is a leading French Archaeologist brought a level of legitimacy to the storyline despite the fact that I knew I was reading a work of fiction…overall, I would say there was a lot more historical detail included in the story than I initially expected.

As I had an attraction to historical fiction and the history of ancient Eqypt prior to reading this series of novels, it is perhaps not surprising that I found them so enjoyable. I now consider this series as one of my favorites and therefore have included it as an addition into my ‘100 Books…’ list.

There are now 5 multi-volume historical series set in Ancient Egypt authored by Christian Jacq…all of which I will add to the site over the coming weeks.

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