I noted in an earlier entry on ‘cultnation’ that I had started reading the classic Science Fiction trilogy ‘Deathworld’ by Harry Harrison. I’ve now finished the three books and I have to say they were an enjoyable read despite the fact that I normally prefer a heavier science to fiction ratio in my Sci-Fi. Perhaps it was Harry Harrison’s ability to describe the concepts under discussion in such a clear way that had this effect on me. In saying this, I’d suggest that if you not into ‘heavy’ Sci-Fi then this is probably a series you’ll enjoy

Deathworld 1, Harry Harrison Deathworld 2, Harry Harrison Deathworld 3, Harry Harrison

I won’t get into the storyline of these novels other than to say that ‘Deathworld’ is about a hero who through a series of events finds himself on planets that are hostile (in an extreme sense) to the human race. If you’d like further information on the series, which interestingly continues after these 3 titles but only in Russian, you will probably find the following links helpful.