Isn’t it great when you rediscover something you love, but had forgotten about some time ago.

Today I was unpacking one of the many boxes of books I have in storage when I found myself looking at the first volume of the ‘Baroque Cycle’ by Neal Stephenson and I broke out in a smile. These 3 books helped me get through a serious illness a few years ago and even though I felt terribly miserable at the time, there was something about holding these weighty volumes in my hands, admiring the fantastic covers and burying myself deep in the richly detailed storyline that made that time bearable. Judging by my smile earlier today, I’d say their power over me still holds true.

Quicksilver, Neal Stephenson The Confusion, Neal Stephenson The System of the World, Neal Stephenson

While I will always provide larger images (just click on the thumbnail) for each of the titles I add to my 100 Books… list, I highly encourage you to check these ones out for the amazing meld of artwork that each of them holds. See if you can identify any of the works of art that have been used…

More widely known for his Cyberpunk novels ‘Snowcrash’ and ‘The Diamond Age’ (and lets not forget Cryptonomicon), Stephenson shows that his literary skills are up to the task no matter what genre he decides to work in.

This is one huge historical series, rich in detail and scope, with a story that never lets you go.

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