Yesterday I briefly mentioned that I had received a new shipment of Sci-Fi Pulps from an auction I had won on ebay. As promised I’ve scanned a few of the fantastic covers which are part of the reason I collect these old titles.

Scanning is not one of my technical skills, so you’ll have to forgive the quality in some of the following examples.

Other Worlds Science Stories, May 1951

Other Worlds Science Stories May 1951

lol…yes, that cover is as strikingly pink in real life as it appears on your screen.

The remainder of the scans I’ve included as thumbnails to speed the page up a little, so by all means click on any to view the full size image if you want to see more.

Other Worlds Science Stories, May 1950

Other Worlds Science Fiction May 1950

Other Worlds Science Stories, October 1950


Other Worlds Science Stories, January 1951


Other Worlds Science Stories, March 1952


Other Worlds Science Stories, April 1952


I hope you enjoyed the step back in time looking into the future…hehe. I might make this a regular feature of the blog as I add more old pulps to my collection.