November 2007

Books. I suppose an addiction to books is at least a healthy addiction if there is such a thing. It’s amazing how something as small as a book can hold power over you. I have so much trouble letting go when it comes to selling or loaning books, that my home has basically become a personal library.

My decision – at least for the time being – is to reduce my collection to two 5 x 3 foot bookcases, keeping only those titles that I have a strong connection with. Anything beyond the number of volumes that can fit on these shelves have to be sold, loaned or given away. Note to self: to re-active my old Bookcrossing account, it seems as good a place as any to off load a few titles.

Long term…my goal is to keep only a list of 100 titles. This may seem a lot to anyone reading this, but already having reduced my collection down from 5,000 volumes it is likely to be a difficult task to accomplish.


Over the last few years for one reason or another I’ve managed to simplify my life a great deal.  For the most part this has been due to me having to move house several times and  asking myself the same question each time…Why do I need all this stuff!? It was obvious too me that more and more of the stuff I hung on to and was packing and upacking each time I moved, ultimately had little value in my life.  So I made a decision.  It was time for a clear out and a new outlook on life.

From a fully furnished 3 bedroom house, my goal is to now to be able to pack up all my belongings and have them comfortably fit inside the average family car.

As I have what I can only describe as an addiction to media in it’s many forms, you will soon realize after reading just a small sample of this blog, that this is likely to be a lengthy challenge for me, with undoubtedly many tough decisions to be made along the way.